Ready to Take Control of Your Solar Energy?

Solar energy management systems, also known as solar monitoring systems, are designed to help homeowners and businesses manage their solar energy systems more efficiently. These systems typically consist of hardware and software that collect data on the performance of the solar panels and other components, such as batteries or inverters.
The solar energy management system monitors the energy production of the solar panels and provides real-time data on energy usage and production. This data can be viewed through a user interface or mobile app and can help users optimize their energy usage to maximize the benefits of solar power.
Solar energy management systems also provide alerts and notifications for any issues or malfunctions with the solar system. This can help users identify and resolve problems quickly, preventing any downtime or loss of energy production.
In addition to monitoring and alerts, some solar energy management systems also offer additional features such as energy tracking, reporting, and remote control of the solar system. These features can help users track their energy usage over time and make adjustments to their system as needed to optimize performance.
Overall, solar energy management systems offer a convenient and efficient way to manage and optimize solar energy systems, helping homeowners and businesses get the most out of their investment in solar power.
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Powering a Sustainable Future

At Eco Earth Energy, we believe in giving you complete control over your solar energy system. Thats why we provide monitoring apps like SunSynk Connect and Huawei Fusion Solar to enhance your experience. These apps are not only user-friendly but also free to use. Once your solar installation is complete, setting up these apps is a breeze. All you need is a stable internet or Wi-Fi connection, and youre ready to go. 

Our monitoring apps empower you to take charge of your energy usage: 

Timed Charging

With these apps, you can schedule when your batteries should be charged from the grid and when they should rely on solar power. This flexibility ensures efficient energy management. 

Battery Status

Check the real-time status of your batteries, including their current charge level. Youll always know how much energy you have in reserve. 

Solar Power Insights

Monitor the performance of your solar panels, including how much energy they’re generating. Stay informed about your system’s efficiency. 

Load Monitoring

Track the power consumption of your home or business at any given moment. This insight helps you optimize energy usage. 

Usage History

Discover how many kilowatt-hours your solar panels have delivered to your property throughout the month. This data enables you to estimate your potential savings on your electricity bill. 

Imagine having the ability to plan for load shedding with confidence. With our monitoring apps, you can assess your battery capacity and determine if it will last through anticipated power outages. Youll also gain a clearer picture of your solar savings potential. 

Both Huawei and SunSynk offer these invaluable monitoring apps, and we include them with all our installations. Please note that while Huaweis app is available for Android users, its not yet accessible on the iOS App Store. Rest assured, well help you make the most of these apps to ensure a seamless and efficient solar energy experience. 

Eco Earth Energy puts the power in your hands. Contact us today to learn more about our monitoring apps and how they can transform your approach to sustainable energy management.